Monday, July 26, 2010

Promotional Codes for AT&T Wireless and How to Use Them!

AT&T Wireless Promotional Codes can be a tricky thing. Sites all over the internet claim to have AT&T coupons and other discounts for AT&T Wireless, which makes it confusing. Which sites are the best to use? Are these discounts legitimate? How do I even use the AT&T Promotional Codes? Well don't worry, I have you covered and will walk you through how to use them.

First, you need to decide that you want to switch your wireless service to AT&T. Before doing this consider the area in which you live and where you make a majority of your phone calls and use your service. You should compare this to the coverage map that AT&T lists on its website. Its, true, within the areas that AT&T has 3G coverage, the service is at par or possibly better than Verizon. However, in other areas the service can be spotty or even outright poor.

After deciding you want to switch to AT&T or renew your contract with AT&T Wireless, find the AT&T Wireless promotional code that you wish to use. The best, and practically the only AT&T coupon available is the $50 off postpaid coupon. You can get this coupon by clicking the previous link, or also checking out the AT&T Wireless Promotion Code section to the top left of this blog. This particular offer doesn't have an actual code that you need. The discount is embedded into the link, so to redeem the discount you have to actually click the link. You will know if the discount worked because the landing page that you are taken to on will display a $50 AT&T discount. In reality, its up to a $50 discount. It depends on the phone and service that you choose. But you do HAVE to sign up for, or renew, a 2 year contract with AT&T.

The other promotional codes for AT&T Wireless are not anything that you can't find just by going to The AT&T Codes are for free phones or free overnight shipping. I have posted these AT&T Offer Codes to the top right of this blog. What all the coupon sites out there do is just post the links to take you to the appropriate page. For example, if you click the link for free camera phones, you will be directed to the page that offers free phones when you sign up for a new 2 year contract with AT&T. And you get free overnight shipping on any phone purchase. These ATT coupon codes are just posted on sites to take you to the correct page.

As a side note, the $50 off coupon doesn't apply to new iPhone purchases. It doesn't work for the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS or the iPhone4G. You can purchase the iPhone and even refurbished iPhones (the best deal!) at, but you won't get any discounts.

Those are my insights into AT&T Promotional Codes and AT&T Wireless Promotional Codes. And for those who don't know, AT&T Wireless is a component of AT&T. It all goes to the same site. So whether you google search AT&T Wireless promotional codes or AT&T promotional codes, you are more than likely going to get coupons for AT&T Wireless. Those are the most popular and most used coupons.

Please leave your comments below. I'd love to hear any tips or thoughts you have. I'm always trying to learn more things about AT&T Promotion Codes!

Also, another great site for AT&T Promotional Codes is